I'm still here..

Probably nobody will read this.. If you are an old friend reading this.. "HI! It's been a while.^^" and if you are new here, probably you won't find anything good here. It's been a long more than 5 yrs since i last posted. All links are dead.

The reason i'm here is to change my layout bcos LJ charging money now for using 3rd party hosting such as photobucket. Literally all my scans, pictures are uploaded in photobucket.

Anyway, anyone interest to buy Alice Nine stuffs? Mags, CDs, DVDs, Photos, Photobook.. etc..

Let me know.. I'm letting go ALL OF THEM!!


2012 will be arriving in 1 day time.

May you all have a blessed, lovely year.

everyone good health & All the best to you all  

Treasure your love ones! ☆~(ゝ。∂)

♥ ♥
,︶︶︶︶ ︶~~
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Anyone miss me? ^^

Misses you all (^з^)-☆Chu!!

It's been ages i have not do anything in here.

I see everything are dead here. I mean the links. hehe..

OH MY GOD! Believe it or not that it took me quite a while to figure how to use this thing (LJ) again. Is it me or Is LJ changes something? O well..

I miss Alice Nine!!!

I had stopped following them since my last post. (am still lurking somewhere around the net world)

ごめんなさい!!! 私はまだあなたを愛しています。

Let's see.. where shall i start.

Oh! Alice Nine is releasing a new single this coming 21 Dec 2011. Mmmmm ^^ I am so happy they are keeping making music.

I won't be updating anything new. As i have not been update for more than a year. I will re-upload those dead links (maybe).

Whats going in my life now.. Well.. I had just attended a 5 days job fair for the company. It was not fun. Standing whooooole days from 12-8 attending ppl kills my feet. Ppl here are weird. They are not looking for job. They are here to want us please them begging them to take the job. Most of them dun even know what they are looking for. Most of them dun have the quality but acting like they know it all. Well.. i am so glad its over. Yet its not over. Now we have to sorting the candidates and starting a huge recruitment. Tired..

Below is the logo of the job fair. So simpleton. Dunno who design it. Don't care. Haha.

Recently ne~ i love using soap in shower instead of shower gel anymore. Not just any cheap soap. Vegan friendly soap. It is meant to keep the skin healthy. It is pricey than usual soap though. I am very sensitive to normal soap, so this vegan soap is benefit my skin.

Christmas in a week! We will have Turkey! For the FIRST TIME! We have always have Chicken. So i am wondering will it taste like Chicken??? Haha!

My wishes for this Christmas! To meet my MR. RIGHT (〃^▽^〃)

That's all! ^^"


Your Votes are highly appreciated! ♥


Picture from What's In? (April 2010) scanned by alice9gotgame

Avril Lavigne ♥ (remember her?)

Her new single for the movie Alice in Wonderland titled "Alice".. this song isn't really doing it for me. Somehow.. she has lost her rock edge. The movie was so-so for me too. Avril would have made a better "Alice" in the movie. Then it would be one of my must buy dvd movie.

Anyway.. enjoy her song, Alice.